Workplace Accident Highlights Employers’ Duties Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

September 22nd, 2012 at 1:52 pm

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a 34-year-old male construction worker was seriously injured when he was accidentally cut in the chest with a saw on North Milwaukee Avenue in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Paramedics who responded to the scene transported the injured man to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The Chicago Fire Department reported the man to be in serious-to-critical condition at the time of the man’s transport.

When an employee is injured on a worksite, he or she can potentially obtain compensation for his or her injuries through the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Act requires an employer to do five basic things with regard to workers’ compensation:

  • Obtain workers’ compensation insurance
  • Post a notice regarding workers’ rights and their insurance carrier in each workplace
  • Keep records of work-related injuries and report accidents involving more than three lost workdays to the IWCC
  • Not harass, discharge, refuse to rehire, or discriminate against an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Not charge the employee for workers’ compensation insurance premiums or benefits that the employer must pay

These legal requirements help to ensure that all workers who suffer a job-related injury are aware of and have reasonable access to information about the workers’ compensation benefits that are available to them. For instance, the required notice that must be posted by the employer in every workplace advises injured workers to get medical assistance, to be paid for by the employer, and any needed treatment such as physical, mental, or vocational rehabilitation. The notice also informs injured workers about their rights to weekly benefits in the event that their work-related injuries or illnesses cause them to lose any time from work in order to recover.

While the requirements of employers under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act are clear, not all employers strictly follow these laws, to the detriment of their own employees. In this case, it is helpful to have the counsel of a qualified Oak Brook, Illinois workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in getting the benefits that you need and deserve in the event of a work-related injury or illness.

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September 22nd, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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