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How Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Claims Complicate the System

June 9th, 2017 at 11:21 pm

Illinois injury lawyer, Illinois workers comp attorneyWhile most injured workers are honest about their injuries, there are a select few that attempt to inflate their injuries. Some will even go so far as to completely stage a situation that leads to injury. One prime example is a recent case in which a woman hit herself in the head with a sprinkler head after it hit her desk. Situations like this not only make a bad name for victims, they complicate an already complex workers’ compensation system. Learn more with help from the following.

Examining the Complexities of Workers’ Compensation

Workers who are injured on the job often assume that filing a claim will automatically lead to a payout for missed time at work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. First, it takes time to pursue a claim. Second, if an insurance agent suspects fraud or feels that the injury is not significant enough to warrant payout, they can investigate further or deny the claim. To make matters even more frustrating, not all payouts are what victims expect.

How Fraudulent Claims Make the Situation Worse

When other workers file fraudulent claims, they slow down the process for those with legitimate injuries. They also increase suspicion for workers with valid injuries, making it more likely that they will experience investigative delays. To make matters even worse, there are fraudulent claims that make their way through the system; payout for these false claims can also place unnecessary stress on the system. This, too, can make things more difficult for the injured workers that need the compensation.

Navigating Your Own Claim

Because of the complexities of the system itself, and those that are added by fraudulent claims, it is suggested that workers seek legal assistance when filing a claim. Not only can this help decrease the processing time and increase the chances of a successful outcome, it also gives employees the time and energy they need to heal from their injuries. This time and energy could potentially increase the chances that the worker can eventually return to work.

At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, we work hard to assist workers through their claims. We understand the complexities of the system and we stand by your side, every step of the way. Learn more about how our Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers can assist with your claim. Call 630-574-2288 and schedule your consultation with us today.




Workers Compensation Fraud

April 29th, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Workers compensation was put in place to give employees who were hurt on the job a way to continue to survive financially through their employer’s workers comp insurance. Benefits can range from a one-time issuance to a lifetime of payouts. However, if a person is caught lying about being injured and receiving workers compensation, serious ramifications can occur.

ChristineAccording to Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission, there are many illegal things that a worker, employer, insurance carrier, and medical provider can do intentionally that they can be prosecuted for doing. If found guilty, jail time, restitution and court fees may all need to be paid back. It is best to follow all the rules and laws to ensure not only proper payment but services are received as well. An attorney can help ensure that you file correctly.

Falsifying different types of records for workers compensation benefits is just the start. You want to make sure that statements to get or deny benefits must be truthful. You just can’t prevent someone from filing an honest claim. Standing in their way denies them the right to get the proper compensation. Making a false certificate of insurance as proof that you have insurance, or lying to obtain insurance at a lower rate is not legal. Lying and making a statement to the staff of fraud and noncompliance investigation of Illinois will get you in deep water. Something like giving a medical bill for a service you didn’t even get is common, and illegal. If you have a claim but move, destroy or hide assets so you do not have to pay, can lead to prosecution. Ultimately, assisting someone in any of the above crimes can lead you to the same consequences of prosecution, jail and restitution.

If you are dealing with workers compensation issues, contact a workers compensation attorney who will best know how to assist you in the process. A smart Illinois lawyer is just what you need.


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