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Step Ladder Safety Tips for Chicagoland Workers

August 29th, 2018 at 9:04 am

DuPage County workers’ compensation lawyers, ladder safety tips, work safety tips, Illinois workers’ compensation claim, Illinois workplace injuryStep ladders can be seen in a variety of workplaces throughout the Chicago area. Although they are easy to use, they can be hazardous when certain safety measures are not followed. Fortunately, there are several tips that can make step ladder usage safer for Chicago workers.

Let us take a closer look at exactly what a step ladder is and how it can be used in the safest way possible.

What is a Step Ladder?

A self-supporting portable ladder is known as a step ladder. It is non-adjustable and features flat steps and a hinged design so that it could be stored easily. Step ladders are designed to be used by one individual at a time. They can be dangerous when they are:

  • In high-traffic areas;
  • On slippery surfaces;
  • Close to electrical equipment;
  • Broken; or
  • Old.

How Workers Can Remain Safe While Using a Step Ladder

The following safety tips can help you and other Chicago workers reduce their risk of sustaining an injury while using a step ladder.

  • Check out the step ladder’s load rating to make sure it can support your tools and body;
  • Look for defects and avoid using a step ladder that has cracks or corrosion, grease, or oil;
  • Ensure stability by locking the braces of the ladder;
  • Keep a three-point contact when going down the ladder. This means both hands a foot or both feet and a hand should be on the ladder;
  • Refrain from standing, climbing, or sitting right on the ladder; and
  • Do not place the step ladder on an unstable surface such as a box.

What to Do After a Step Ladder Injury

In the event you do suffer from an injury while using a step ladder at work, you may be able to recover benefits by filing an Illinois workers’ compensation claim. Right after your injury happens, be sure to take these steps.

  • Visit a doctor;
  • Inform your employer of your injury; and
  • Reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can explain which benefits you may be entitled to and help you file a claim

Contact Our DuPage County Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Unfortunately, you may experience a step ladder injury even if you adhere to these step ladder safety tips. If you get hurt while using a step ladder at work, it is in your best interest to call our highly skilled DuPage County workers’ compensation lawyers to ensure your rights are protected.




Work Safety Tips for Teenagers

March 14th, 2018 at 6:20 pm

dangerous teen jobs, DuPage County workers compensation attorneys, teen workplace injuries, work safety tips, workplace safetyA job can help a teenager build valuable work experience, learn the value of money, make new friends, and easily transition to adulthood. Although a job can provide your teen these benefits, it can also hurt him or her if certain safety precautions are disregarded. Consider the following information with regard to the most dangerous jobs for teenagers and the common causes of teen workplace injuries.

Most Dangerous Teen Jobs

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health states that teens are twice as likely to sustain a workplace injury than adults because of their lack of experience, job tasks, and work environment. The most dangerous teen jobs include:

  • Driving Jobs: Jobs that involve driving to deliver a product like a pizza or newspaper are dangerous for teens because they have minimal driving experience.
  • Cooking Jobs: Jobs in restaurants that require teens to cook can expose them to hot surfaces, water, oil, and steam, and lead to serious injuries.
  • Construction: Construction-related jobs that involve working on heights and with electrical wires and excessive noise can be risky, especially if there was not adequate training provided.
  • Jobs in Cash-Based Business Without Supervision: Teens who work at retail stores, gas stations, and other cash-based businesses alone at night may be in danger.
  •  Traveling Sales Jobs: Traveling sales jobs are dangerous because they often force teens to spend time in unsafe neighborhoods and drive for extensive periods of time.
  • Landscaping and Lawn Services Jobs: Landscaping and lawn services jobs involve the use of tractors, chain saws, and other dangerous power tools and machinery. They also involve hazardous chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.

A lack of supervision or training, unsafe conditions, and high stress environments are some of the most common causes of teen workplace injuries.

How You Could Help Your Teen Stay Safe at Work

One of the most effective ways to help your teen stay safe at work is to ask him or her questions about his or her working environment. In addition to asking how your teen’s days at work are, ask him or her if he or she believes they received adequate training, whether the floors and other areas at work are clean and free of debris, and if your teen feel comfortable while at work. Also, inform your teen to report any workplace injury to you and his or her employer as soon as it happens.

Contact the DuPage County Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If your teen suffers from an injury while on the job and it was not his or her fault, then he or she may be able to recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. Contact our DuPage County workers’ compensation attorneys to determine whether your teen has a valid claim.



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