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Personal injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian accidents, and falls at work can cost you not only your health but your finances as well. At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, we believe that victims of personal injuries should not have to pay for the medical treatment of injuries caused by another person's negligence. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience with personal injury claims, and they provide their clients with committed, personalized service.

What Type of Personal Injury Claims Do We Pursue?

There are numerous forms of personal injuries and claims. A few of the personal injury cases we pursue include:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents. Injuries from motor vehicle accidents include head, back, and chest injuries. Brain injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury are also caused by auto accidents.
  2. Falls. Injuries from slip-and-fall accidents can include a fractured skull, broken bones, spinal injuries, and sprains.
  3. Medical malpractice. Doctor or medical malpractice can cause injuries such as birth injuries, worsening of illnesses or symptoms, and wrongful death.
  4. Nursing home abuse. Common injuries from abuse at a nursing home include suspicious bruises or welts, head injuries, or bed sores that have gone untreated. Some of these injuries could be the result of negligence rather than outright abuse. However, if a nursing home is being negligent in the care of its patients, there may be a negligence claim that can be pursued.
  5. Pedestrian accidents. These type of accidents can cause injuries such as broken bones, internal organ damage, twisted limbs, and death.
  6. School and daycare accidents. Injuries sustained from school and daycare accidents can include unexplained head injuries, bruises, broken bones, and sprains. Keep in mind that 'accidents' at school and daycare facilities can actually be concealed abuse from a teacher, another student, or a staff member. If the accidents occur frequently, it may be time to investigate the cause behind them.

Other personal injury claims we cover include injuries from dog bites, mass transit accidents, and sports and recreational facility accidents.

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Such injuries can result in stress for many families because not only do the victims of personal injuries have to treat the injuries, they also have to find the means to pay for the treatments. At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, we believe that you should be able to take this time to heal and take care of yourself. Our understanding and committed attorneys will strive to recover the costs associated with the injuries and property damage that was caused by an accident.

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