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Cook County Representation for Personal Injury and Workers Comp Claims

The Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio represents clients who have been injured in the city of Berwyn and in other cities located throughout Cook County, Illinois. Whether you have a personal injury claim or need representation for workers' compensation benefits, our law firm has well over 25 years of experience to help you in both areas of the law.

Contact the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, in Cook County, Illinois, to schedule a free initial consultation today. If you'd like to speak with our personal injury attorneys or workers' compensation lawyers for legal advice over the phone, feel free to call 630-574-2288.

Personal Injury-Berwyn Representation for Personal Injury Accidents

Anyone who suffers from a personal injury caused by someone else's negligent behavior should receive a fair amount of compensation. Our law firm handles personal injury cases involving:

We know that a car accident can leave a person physically and emotionally damaged. We know the kind of settlement you deserve when you suffer a slip and fall accident through no fault of your own. Our experienced trial attorneys listen to your concerns and will take proactive steps to ensure your rights are protected in a personal injury case.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Berwyn

Not all injuries on the job leave physical scars. Some work injuries cause post-traumatic stress disorder involving major symptoms: flashbacks, hopelessness, irritability and anger, emotional numbness, and difficulties in relationships are just a few of those symptoms. Regardless of the type of injuries you incur from work-related activities, our lawyers can help you find the right settlement for your case.

We have resolved workers' compensation claims involving the following types of work injuries:

As experienced trial attorneys, we fight to get our clients the best settlement possible.

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