Injured Workers Discuss Explosion and Settlement

July 6th, 2012 at 7:39 pm

The Southern reported a story about John Jentz and Robert Schmiedt, who were both injured while working at ConAgra when a grain elevator exploded back in 2010, and who spoke in public for the first time in June. After undergoing numerous medical procedures, the two men finally received compensations when a 10-person jury reached a decision in East St. Louis, Illinois. A third plaintiff, Justin Becker, had an attorney represent him at the news conference in Chigago.

The jury ruled against ConAgra and a sub-contractor, Westside Salvage Inc., and ConAgra was ordered to pay close to $180 million in damages. According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the grain bin had not been cleaned properly in about 20 years, and ConAgra had not notified the workers of potential danger. ConAgra has said they will appeal the decision.

One of the plaintiffs, John Jentz, suffered extensive injuries, and 70 percent of his body got burned in the explosion, causing his medical costs to reach nearly $3 million. One of the attorneys said Jentz has had to go through about 40 medical procedures for his injuries. Jentz has no feeling in some parts of his body, and he is not allowed to lift anything that weighs over 10 pounds, which has led to doctors telling him he is still unable to return to work.

The second plaintiff, Schmiedt, said that most of the damage was on his hands, but even though he has returned to work, he is more vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures and many other physical issues. Also, neither of the two men have managed to forget what happened that day.

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July 6th, 2012 at 7:39 pm

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