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Ex-Chicago Ridge Police Chief gets Huge Pay Hike through Disability

October 26th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a former police chief of Chicago will receive over $274,000 from three different government agencies. He will receive $129,192.00 in tax-free disability payments, which is approximately $20,000.00 more than he received while on the job. He started as superintendent in June at the Union School District which pays a salary of $127,000.00. He also receives a payment of $18,000.00 annually as the part-time mayor and alcohol commissioner of New Lenox.

Timothy Baldermann is currently 46 years of age and filed a disability claim reporting that he suffered a back injury while putting a body into a police vehicle several years ago. It is calculated that be will receive more than $2 million in disability payments by the time he reaches the age of 60. After his 60th birthday, the disability payments will increase over 48 percent to an amount of $191,204.00. The tax-free payments will them increase by $3876.00 each year thereafter. By the time he reaches his 75th birthday he will have accumulated over $5 million in disability payments. That is well over the current police pension pays.

Under scrutiny, Baldermann reports that everything was calculated and done legitimately. It was also found that he did not leave his position until almost two years after he sustained the back injury.

The money will come from the police pension fund which to date, Baldermann has contributed $137,933.00 over his 22 year law enforcement career.

All workers’ compensation and disability cases do not come out as favorable as this one. If you have been injured on the job, it would be in your best interest to enlist the assistance of a qualified Chicago workers’ compensation attorney to make sure that you receive the benefits that you deserve.

Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission Rules against Firefighter

October 19th, 2012 at 12:33 pm

An Illinois firefighter was excited to learn that he did not have to work overtime and could make it to his much anticipated snowmobiling trip. In his excitement, he bear hugged a nearby coworker. The coworker’s arms were pinned down to his sides and he was startled. The coworker reacted by jumping and trying to twist free from the bear hug and as he did so, they both fell over and the firefighter was injured. He subsequently filed a worker’s compensation claim stating that he was injured on the job.

A worker’s compensation arbitrator found that the firefighter was unable to prove that he sustained his injuries from an accident that was directly related to his employment. The arbitrator also stated that there was a lack of evidence affirming that the injury was caused by or related to his actual job duties. The arbitrator went on to state that the findings were that the accident was caused by personal actions of the firefighter. The arbitrator stated that his actions voluntarily increased the risk of injury and was considered horseplay. The commission went on to affirm and went along with the ruling of the arbitrator and deemed that the firefighter’s injuries did not make him eligible for workers compensation.

Being injured on the job can be stressful because of the pain involved as well as the possibility of the loss of income. If you find yourself having to file a worker’s compensation claim of your own, it would be best to have a competent and understanding Illinois worker’s compensation attorney there with you to protect your interests. All workers’ compensation claims are not clear cut and can take some time to litigate. It is your right within the Illinois workers’ compensation act to have legal counsel there with you.

Four Injured In Illinois Oil Field Explosion

October 13th, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Four people were injured in a barrel tank explosion caused by welding in White County, Illinois. Three of the injured were injured seriously. Courierpress reported a story about the accident.

The injured, Shane Farris, John Sullivan, Brandon Hooper, and Jason Parr, were filling a 210 barrel tank in preparation for a “frac job” when a leak occurred. “They apparently didn’t vent the tank before Shane started welding on it, and it exploded,” said Sonny McCulley, father-in-law of Brandon Hooper.

Hooper, 28, was within 10 feet of the explosion, but luckily he had his back to the blast. He got burns on his hands, elbows, back, and stomach.

McCulley said that the welder was completely in flames, but Hooper and the others were able put them out. Hooper then drove all of the men to Norris City where ambulances and helicopters met them.

Farris and Parr were taken to the burn unit of a hospital in Kentucky and Sullivan to Barnes Hospital at St. Louis. Hooper received treatment and was released from Ferrell Hospital in Eldorado, Illinois.

McCulley called Hooper a lucky man, but with burned hands, Hooper will not be able to work until his burns have healed. The three other men were burnt worse, so they will have to stay off work for even longer. If you end up injured while at work, be sure to find out if you are eligible for worker’s compensation. An experienced worker’s compensation attorney can help you with your case, so do not hesitate. Contact a skilled Chicago worker’s compensation attorney today.

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