5 Steps to Ensure Benefits on Workers Comp Claims

February 12th, 2013 at 8:00 am

If you are wondering what to do after an injury at work, then there is a procedure in place that is easy to follow.  The ensuing five steps increase the chances that the claim will be considered valid.

The first step is to contact your employer about your injury.  That is unless you have been transported to a hospital for immediate care.  It is inadvisable to rely on anyone other than yourself to report your injury to your supervisor.  When you alert them, make sure to list all the body parts affected by the injury.  It would also be beneficial to receive a copy of an incident report which outlines the injury.

The next step is to relay the work injury to all medical providers you consult.  In the process of validating your claim, the workers compensation insurance company will review your medical records for an explanation of the injury.  If every provider does not know the how and the when of the incident, it may allow the insurance company to deny your claim.

The third step involves following the instructions of the medical provider.  In the course of diagnosing your injury, the doctor may order tests such as EKGs, MRIs, EMGs, etc.  These tests provide the additional benefit of increasing the validity of your claim.  If the insurance adjuster disputes the degree of the injury, then it is essential to have the results of an objective diagnostic test.  In addition, make sure that you complete all the recommendations of your medical provider including rehab.

The fourth step is to seek advice outside of your employer and insurance company.  Both are businesses rather than allies in this process.  The employer doesn’t want to lose money while you rehab from injuries.  The insurance company does not want to pay for workers compensation benefits including lost wages, medical expenses, and rehab.  Reach out to a skilled legal professional to receive direction.

The fifth step is making sure you can rely on the workers compensation lawyer handling your case.  There are many extensive forms and procedures that must be followed.  Contact an experienced workers comp attorney in Oak Brook who will fight for your rights to fair and full benefits.

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February 12th, 2013 at 8:00 am

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