Workplace Injuries: Study Shows Lack in Resources for Injured Surgeons

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A Vanderbilt University Medical Center study shows that nearly half of surgeons sustain injuries during their career. According to the study in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery , an inadequate amount of resources are available to surgeons who suffer a workplace injury .

surgeon hand injury image The study’s lead author, Manish Sethi, M.D., noted that twenty-five percent of orthopedic surgeons surveyed reported an injury to the hand. Injuries of the lower back, neck and shoulder were also reported. Sethi stated, “I expected a fair number of back and hand injuries, but I was surprised that 38 percent of injured respondents reported no institutional resources available to support them as they recovered. In addition, only about 25 percent of respondents said they had reported their injury to their institution.” It was also noted that implementing greater institutional support is essential to aid surgeons recovering from occupational injuries and to “reduce costs associated with lost productivity from the surgeon.”

“Some of these injuries were significant, having an impact on operating room performance and causing the surgeon to lose three or four weeks of work,” Sethi said. “These results would suggest that we need to think about the resources available to orthopedic surgeons, given that this volume of missed work may have economic implications for both the surgeons and their health care systems.”

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Handbook states that after receiving notification of a workplace injury, employers should provide immediate and necessary first aide and medical services, and also inform the insurance carrier or workers’ compensation administrator. If the injury prevents the employee from working for more than three days, the employer must begin payments of TTD, provide the employee with a written explanation of additional information needed before payments can begin, or provide a written explanation of why benefits are being denied.

If you sustained a workplace injury, it is essential you report it to your employer as you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. Contact a Chicago workplace injury attorney today, who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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