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FMLA – Truly Helping Employees?

March 12th, 2013 at 1:17 pm

ChristineThe FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act, was signed into effect over 20 years ago by President Bill Clinton to protect individuals from losing their jobs because of a family emergency/medical conditions. People were forced to choose between family and their job before the act come into play. Here, people are protected and are able to keep their jobs after a traumatic event in their family’s life.

Today, the law is not as powerful as it once was thought to be. People are still expected to choose between jobs and family. The next step to truly protect people is to make sure they not only get to keep their jobs, but to also be paid for the time off. Considering people are not paid for the FMLA, how are they to keep up with paying bills? Yes, it is nice to spend the time to take care of your family – but who will pay the bills that roll in?

Many people and situations are not protected by the FMLA. Same-sex partners are not allowed to use the time to take care of ailing companions. As noble as it is to take care of a grandparent, that is not allowed either. People who work a minimum of 25 hours a week are the only ones who are able to take the FMLA leave – part timers below 25 hours are not. Businesses with 50 or fewer employees also do not need to abide by the FMLA. That all being said, the FMLA is to just give people unpaid time off – no pay and expectations, and rules abound that does not help everyone. Legislation needs to support everyone and give them an opportunity to still be able to survive and pay bills.

If you are in need to take care of a family member and your employer is not keen on giving you time off, contact a worker’s compensation lawyer in Illinois who will fight for your rights to take care of your family.

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