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Workers Compensation Fraud

April 29th, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Workers compensation was put in place to give employees who were hurt on the job a way to continue to survive financially through their employer’s workers comp insurance. Benefits can range from a one-time issuance to a lifetime of payouts. However, if a person is caught lying about being injured and receiving workers compensation, serious ramifications can occur.

ChristineAccording to Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission, there are many illegal things that a worker, employer, insurance carrier, and medical provider can do intentionally that they can be prosecuted for doing. If found guilty, jail time, restitution and court fees may all need to be paid back. It is best to follow all the rules and laws to ensure not only proper payment but services are received as well. An attorney can help ensure that you file correctly.

Falsifying different types of records for workers compensation benefits is just the start. You want to make sure that statements to get or deny benefits must be truthful. You just can’t prevent someone from filing an honest claim. Standing in their way denies them the right to get the proper compensation. Making a false certificate of insurance as proof that you have insurance, or lying to obtain insurance at a lower rate is not legal. Lying and making a statement to the staff of fraud and noncompliance investigation of Illinois will get you in deep water. Something like giving a medical bill for a service you didn’t even get is common, and illegal. If you have a claim but move, destroy or hide assets so you do not have to pay, can lead to prosecution. Ultimately, assisting someone in any of the above crimes can lead you to the same consequences of prosecution, jail and restitution.

If you are dealing with workers compensation issues, contact a workers compensation attorney who will best know how to assist you in the process. A smart Illinois lawyer is just what you need.


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Ex-Police Officer in Hot Water for Workers Comp Claim

January 16th, 2013 at 4:35 pm

A former Metro East police officer is facing numerous criminal charges stemming from a fraudulent workers compensation claim.  In February of 2009, Richard Turner claimed that his back was injured while he was on duty.  Once his story stopped making sense, investigators from the Maryville Police Department launched a probe to decide if he was telling the truth.

They found out that he did not injure himself at work.  Yet, since 2009, Turner has received over $38,000 in workers compensation benefits from the village of Maryville while he was unable to work.  The surgeries for his back injury were paid for by the workers comp insurance company which totaled over $150,000.  He resigned from the department in October 2011 after serving since Novemeber 2003.

Evidence which was presented to the grand jury in Madison County has resulted in many criminal charges.  Turner, 43 year old from Glen Carbon, was charged with two counts of theft, a class 1 felony for defrauding the insurance company and a class 2 felony for defrauding the village of Maryville.  He also received two class 4 felony counts for unlawful violation of the workers compensation act because he filed a dishonest claim and lied to his physician about how he was injured.

Tom Gibbons, State’s Attorney, applauded the city of Maryville for their detective work.  He said that Turner, “…was an individual who was supposed to be working to protect the Village of Maryville and their residents.  The law applies to everyone and we will work to ensure that anyone who steals from the public is held accountable for their actions.”  Turner can be sentenced for up to 28 years in prison if he is found guilty.

Workers compensation is a benefit afforded to employees who are injured while at work so they can take care of their families and doctor bills.  If you have been injured while on the job, then you deserve to receive these benefits.  Contact a skilled workers compensation attorney in Oakbrook to review your injury.

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