Do I Need an Illinois Workers Comp Attorney?

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Workers-Comp-Law-CookCounty Under Illinois law, when a worker suffers a job-related injury , they usually qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits provide coverage for all medical expenses to treat the injury, as well as a percentage of the employee’s wages each week. Depending on the extent of the injury, the worker may also qualify for additional benefits, such as vocational counseling if they are unable to return to their former occupation because of permanent damage from the injury.

There are very few reasons why a worker should be denied benefits. One example would be if the worker caused the injury intentionally. Yet many injured workers find themselves fighting with the employer and/or insurance company because their claim is denied. Having a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney advocating for you can make a difference in how your claim is processed.

Benefits of Having an Attorney

The strongest pieces of evidence in a workers’ comp claim are the medical reports that detail the injury, damage, and treatment. An attorney will make sure that all required medical records are obtained and included in your claim, as well as advising whether you should obtain a second opinion.

In addition to having the appropriate medical evidence, there are other documents that may be needed, and deadlines to filing that must be met. Your attorney will deal with all these issues for you, allowing you to focus on your healing and recovery.

Your attorney will also deal directly with the insurance company so you will not have to. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit and any benefits they must pay out cuts into those profits. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to reduce the amount of benefits a victim rightfully deserves and often try to convince an injured worker they are not entitled to certain benefits when in fact, they are. Having an attorney representing you sends a message to the insurance company right away that these types of tactics will not work in your case.

If your claim has already been wrongfully denied, it can be difficult to resubmit it on your own. It may have been an issue as simple as some documents were missing or it could be a more complex issue that requires appealing the denial and having a hearing in front of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Each workers’ compensation attorney from our firm has extensive experience successfully working on denied claims and can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Contact an Illinois Job Injury Attorney for Legal Assistance

If you have suffered a work injury, do not delay in speaking with a skilled Chicago workers’ comp lawyer . The quicker you have an attorney at your side, the quicker your claim can be processed and your benefits begin.Call the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio at 630-574-2288 to arrange a free consultation.



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