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Most employees in Illinois are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits if they are injured on the job or can prove their pre-existing medical condition was exacerbated by the type of work they do. For example, an injury resulting from repetitive use of the body is covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The same coverage is allowed for anyone who suffers from a heart attack or stroke that is caused by a work related task.

The Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio works to provide effective legal representation to people injured on the job in Maywood, Illinois and in other cities throughout Cook County, Illinois. Filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer requires in-depth knowledge of Illinois workers’ compensation laws and proactive strategies to achieve maximum compensation.

The best possible way to ensure you receive adequate and fair workers’ compensation for your work related injuries is to report the accident and injury to your employer immediately. The next step is to see a doctor and report any physical changes as a result of the injury. Finally, you need to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

Helping Workers File Workers’ Compensation in Maywood

Our law firm has offered experienced legal counsel to victims of work injuries and has helped people to obtain workers’ comp benefits. At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio we take proactive measures to ensure our clients are protected under the Illinois compensation laws.

Many of our clients have suffered from the following types of accidents on the job:

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Contact the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio for workers’ compensation representation in Maywood or anywhere in Cook County, Illinois. We can help you fight to obtain fair compensation for your work related injuries. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation, at 630-574-2288, and learn more about how we can help you.

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