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Dog Attacks in the U.S.
Most dog owners are conscientious people. They love their animals, and carefully socialize their pets to be fit for human company. Unfortunately, not everyone is so careful. These irresponsible owners give every dog owner a bad name. They let their animals run free and don't teach them basic commands. They often know that their animal is dangerous, either because of the breed (pit bull or Rottweiler), or because the animal has a history of aggression. Some owners even train their animals to be aggressive on purpose.

If you are the victim of a dog bite injury, seek medical attention immediately. A dog bite wound is often worse than it looks, and can result in permanent damage. Second, contact a qualified dog bite attorney at Francis J. Discipio, Ltd. You shouldn't have to pay for the injury. Our attorneys at Francis J. Discipio, Ltd. can help you recover your damages.

According to the Center for Disease Control millions of dog bites occur in the U.S. every year. Many victims require medical care. The majority of those are children.

Before bringing a dog bite lawsuit, a person must first find the dog's owner. You might have to prove that the owner knew that the dog was dangerous and did nothing. More often, though, dog bites fall under a category called "strict liability." If strict liability applies, the fact that the dog bit someone is enough to hold the owner liable for any resulting injuries.

The attorneys at Francis J. Discipio, Ltd. have been helping dog bite victims for fifteen years. We can help you get a fair and just recovery for your injuries.

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