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Driving Over the Limit in a Construction Zone

All too often, drivers in Downers Grove, Illinois make the mistake of speeding through a construction zone without fully understanding the consequences of their actions. Not only does speeding over the limit warrant a ticket, but it can also jeopardize the safety of other drivers around them and the people who may be repairing the road in a construction zone. If caught speeding, not only can you be fined $375, but you may also risk a 90-day license suspension depending on how many ticket violations you already have. The higher you go over the speed limit, the more points that could go on your driving record. Why wait to be convicted of a construction zone violation when you can hire a Dupage County defense attorney?

Contact the Law Office of Francis J. Discipio at (630) 574-2288 to get in touch with an experienced traffic lawyer. Our office represents clients in Cook, Kane, Will and Dupage Counties, and I handle all traffic violation cases.

Your Best Defense against Your Offense

At our Illinois based law office, we fight very hard to protect the driving privileges of my clients by making sure they understand their rights. As defense lawyers in Dupage, Cook, Will and Kane counties with over 33 years of legal experience, we've been able to fully prepare my clients before they go to court. Our job is to find out what really occurred during the time oury clients received a construction zone ticket and if it was a traffic offense in violation of Illinois State laws. Rather than have your license revoked, we aim to protect your driving privileges.

Don’t Wait Untill It’s Too Late

If you’ve been in violation of a construction zone in Will, Cook, Dupage or Kane County, you have the right to an attorney. Get the legal advice you deserve. Contact us at the Law Office of Francis J. Discipio at (630) 574-2288<. Call today. Free consultations and case evaluations are available.

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