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At the Law Office of Francis J. Discipio, I fight to protect Illinois drivers who may have received a seat belt violation without fully knowing their rights. Even though a seat belt violation is considered a non-moving violation and can be settled without having to go to court, I work to help you understand the serious consequences that could happen, should you receive a fine for a seat belt violation. Not only could your driving record be affected as a result of a seat belt violation, but so could your life and the lives of others who are in the car with you.

Child Safety Seat Belt Violations

A seat belt violation doesn't always occur because the driver failed to buckle up. Not having the proper child restraints or failing to comply with the age appropriate car seats, according to the NHTSA safety regulations, could be another reason why you may receive a seat belt violation. Should that be the case, your fines could increase and you could be charged with a moving violation for failing to secure a child under the age of 8 years in an age and weight appropriate car seat. Every child in the car who is not properly restrained, could result in multiple fines for you as the driver and could increase. You could be fined for each child.

Don't Delay! Call a Traffic Violations Attorney Today

Contact a seat belt violations lawyer with offices located in Chicago if you have received a seat belt violation or if you have been charged with other traffic violations. If you have been found guilty of a seat belt violation in Illinois, you may have 30-60 days to pay for it. Once the fines are paid, you may need to go back to court. Hire an attorney who will protect your rights. Call the law office of Francis J. Discipio today at 630-574-2288.

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