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Firefighters exemplify courage in serving their communities every day. They risk their own lives to save the lives of others. Because of the work they do, firefighters are at high risk for injuries, and other ailments. Just in 2015, more than 68,000 firefighters were hurt in the U.S.

Fortunately, the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act allows employees to fight for compensation for injuries that occurred while on the job. Unfortunately, employers and city governments will often attempt to fight compensation claims. At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, our well-qualified attorneys will work with you so you can receive the damages you are legally entitled to.

What Injuries Qualify for a Compensation Claim?

If you are a firefighter who has been injured while performing a work duty, you may be eligible to receive damages. Some of the injuries and diseases firefighters may suffer as a result of their job include:

  • Burns
  • Strain, muscular pain, and sprains
  • Lung or respiratory disease
  • Heart or vascular disease
  • Hypertension
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Hernia
  • Hearing loss
  • Wounds
  • Head injuries

These injuries result in emotional trauma, physical impairments, expensive medical treatments, and lost wages from needed time off work. Therefore, our attorneys can assist firefighters in filing claims to recover costs associated with these injuries.

How Can the Workers' Compensation Act Help You?

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act can pay for disability benefits while the injured employee is on medical leave from work. In addition, the act pays for the medical treatment of an employee's work-related injury. It can also compensate an employee for a permanent, severe impairment such as a physical disability.

What Are Your Rights As a Firefighter Injured at Work?

Public workers' compensation claims are different than that of other employees' claims in that local and city governments are less inclined to approve compensation claims. In addition, larger cities like Chicago have a great deal of bureaucracy and more stringent budgets which make it difficult for public workers to get compensated for their injuries.

Krohe v. City of Bloomington

A strong example of how municipalities often avoid compensating injured public workers is in an Illinois Supreme Court case, Krohe v. City of Bloomington. In this case, Bloomington firefighter Bill Krohe became disabled because of an injury he received in the line of duty in 2000. Because of his disability, Krohe wanted the city to pay for his health insurance. However, the city of Bloomington rejected the Municipal Pension Board's conclusion which stated that Krohe was disabled from becoming injured while performing work-related duties.

Under the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act, if a public safety employee sustains a "catastrophic injury," he or she may be compensated. However, Bloomington defined "catastrophic injury" as one that significantly limits an employee's ability to work and earn wages. The Illinois Supreme Court rejected that definition and accepted the Pension Board's finding. Krohe was awarded a disability pension.

Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

As evident in the Krohe v. City of Bloomington case, municipalities may attempt to prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Francis J. Discipio, our devoted attorneys will aggressively represent you to ensure you receive the compensation you are legally entitled to. If you are a firefighter or other public safety worker who was injured while performing a job duty, contact us. Call us at 630-574-2288, or contact us via email. We serve clients in DuPage County, Cook County and throughout Illinois.

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